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— Daily Tune 04/03/2019

Pixx – ‘Disgrace’

The Age of Anxiety has been one of our favourite debut albums of 2017 and we still think that the first full-length from Pixx is heavily underrated. Well, now a follow-up arrives and it also shows a new determination in the music Hannah Rodgers wants to create with her alter ego. ‘With this record I feel like I’m challenging my personal views of the world,’ she explains the battle with her inner demons. ‘I love speaking to people and learning from conversations and things I’ve seen and that’s something that comes out on this album. It’s a personal achievement for me, stepping out of my own head and being ready to face stuff.’ Disgrace, the first single from her Small Mercies album, transports this new confidence pretty well. It’s a powerful piece of new wave pop that comes with twists and turns that are all lead by Pixx‘ distinctive voice. And we’re pretty sure that’s just the beginning of this exciting new chapter. Small Mercies arrives on June 7 via 4AD.

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