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— Daily Tune 02/07/2021

Polar Noir Calls For Ocean Protection In Haunting Debut Single “If Everybody Listened “

See, I know how exhausting, devastating and depressing it can be to be reminded of the impending climate catastrophe on a daily basis but as long as significant change is still not on the horizon, it remains necessary. As a member of the Music Declares Emergency movement I’m always happy when artists manage to transport the topic in the form of a good song and Munich-based musician Sandra Gern really did. If Everybody Listened is the haunting debut single by her alter ego Polar Noir and it’s deeply inspired by her love for the sea and a lifelong fascination for water in general. The song itself also come with this floating vibe as it rides on a gentle electronic beat, hand in hand with dreamy guitars and her fragile yet urgent vocal performance. It’s the musical equivalent of saying sorry to the oceans and its inhabitants which humanity is slowly destroying. The guilt is way too heavy for my single bones to carry,” Polar Noir sings, summing up the dilemma pretty good. But of course, it’s upon each and every one of us to turn the wheel around. Supporting one of the many organisations she linked to in the video description is a first step here … and simply start listening to scientists and environmental experts is another one.

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