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— Daily Tune 30/03/2021

Roxy Jules Unfolds Gloomy Folk Bliss On “As White As The White In White Noise”

Danish singer, musician and songwriter Julie Runa isn’t entirely new to the game. Under her alias Roxy Jules she’s constantly been releasing music over the past ten years, including four studio albums. However it needed her involvement on the brilliant releases of fellow Danish artist TOM And His Computer (remember the wonderful Future Ruins?) to put her on my musical map and her latest material is a haunting invitation to join her on her musical path which appears to be quite a dark one. The gloomy As White As The White In White Noise is a first teaser from her new EP Still Falling Through The White and it’s a great testament of nocturnal goth folk, reminding me a bit of Mazzy Star, PJ Harvey, The Kills and the also quite great new band King Hannah. She adds a tender noisy and gritty vibe to the sinister melancholia of her ballads and that really captivates the listener. If you happen to be a fan of that sort of sound it’s about time to get hyped about Roxy Jules. The Still Falling Through The White EP is set to arrive on April 23

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