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— Daily Tune 30/05/2018

RVG – ‘Vincent Van Gogh’

Last week’s attendance of a show by British garage rock ruffians Shame not only proved again that they are an extremely awesome live band but also that they are great at picking travelling companions. Melbourne-based RVG played support slot and it was a glorious and triumphant experience for the audience, to say the least. Carred by leading lady Romy Vager (RVG stands for ‘Romy Vager Group’) the four-piece delivered a furious live performance. Vager’s voice got a distinctive sound, an impressive range and might channel Patti Smith in some moments. Needless to say she’s got quite a presence. Vincent Van Gogh might have been one of the more melodic songs in the band’s raw set but it still got this distinctive urgency that’s way too tempting. They just signed to Fat Possum and will release their debut LP A Quality Of Mercy there on July 8.

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