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— Daily Tune 18/05/2018

Sarah P. – ‘Right Where It Belongs’

Although I’m not a fan of cover songs, unexpected reinterpretations usually catch my attention, like Tori Amos’ version of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit or her record Strange Little Girls full of cover songs written and performed by men, e. g. Eminem and Depeche Mode. Right Where It Belongs from Sarah P. is another example of this ‘musical cross-dressing’ as it is originally the last song of Nine Inch NailsWith Teeth from 2005. Stylistically and thematically, it continues Sarah P.’s debut album Who Am I which was released almost exactly a year ago. It’s a dreamy and atmospheric electro pop song which continues last year’s questions about identity and takes them even further; the world in general is doubted. Both versions end with samples, the original features a cheering crowd while Sarah P. includes a ringing telephone and a crying baby. In the latter case, this quite unnerving ending might correlate with the artist’s activism on social topics. Thus, Right Where It Belongs will keep your mind occupied for a longer time than its 6 minutes.

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