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— Daily Tune 08/01/2019

Saytr Play – ‘Bang Average’

Oh Manchester … nothing to answer for. As a long time fan of the Mancuian music scene which produced some of my all personal all-time favourite bands I’m always interested to see what happens next in the local scene. In recent years it feels as if a new generation of groups like The 1975 and Pale Waves picked up the traditional British indie vibe and gave it a slick contemporary feel. Saytr Play follow these footsteps with their latest single Bang Average. Produced by Joe Cross of British pop icons The Courteeners the track is an uplifting piece of indie music greatness that recalls the past’s glory while also having a comfortable seat in the here and now. According to the band it’s an anthem for the ‘hopeless romantic and the inexperienced youth’ and that’s a theme that surely never runs out of style, isn’t it?

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