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— Daily Tune 20/05/2021

Shannon Lay’s “Rare To Wake” Is A Poignant Acoustic Embrace

Rare To Wake by songwriter Shannon Lay marks first major release since her acclaimed August in 2019, and she certainly has created quite a momentum with this one. Ethereal acoustic guitar pickings initiate the tune, soon to be filled with her tender voice, which does not cease to arouse sentimental feels. Exploring the idea that “without change, we cannot become who we are meant to be”, this gem is a soothing proof of the artist’s talent to wrap strong notions in tenderly arranged pieces. “Wherever you are in your adventures let this song be a reminder to never be afraid to receive and accept the changes that beckon you to grow and evolve”, Shannon explains and articulates further: “Allow yourself to awaken and embrace your many destinies. When your heart feels heavy ask yourself what needs to be cleared out. That new found space will be occupied by something better, something brighter, something that lifts you up; make way”. Give this one a good spin right here!

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