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— Daily Tune 08/02/2021

Skullcrusher Returns With A Heart-Warming Tribute To Nick Drake

We recently named Helen Ballentine and her alter ego Skullcrusher one of 2021’s most exciting new artists and now she’s back with a song about Nick Drake … damn, it feels like we were meant for each other. Drake’s work, especially his iconic 1972 album Pink Moon, really became a constant companion for my life and luckily I’m not alone. Skullcrusher‘s latest single doesn’t sound like a song from the legendary musician who left this planet way too soon but it follows the atmospheric notion of her previous releases like the delicate Farm. Skullcrusher‘s music is so effective because it doesn’t need much to transport its emotional power. Song For Nick Drake is a deeply personal reflection and another testament of her unique talent.

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