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— Daily Tune 30/11/2021

“It’s Okay Not To Be Okay” – Sofia Portanet Returns With “Real Face”

Something has changed in sound of beloved German singer Sofia Portanet. Her debut record Freier Geist was a celebration of Neue Deutsche Welle and her latest single Real Face does not move far from that period. The 80s still find their place on the track but in a less gloomy way. Shimmering synthie pop at its core, the song starts off with an almost acoustic touch with a gentle Kate Bush vibe. Sofia Portanet’s spectacular voice is accompanied by a warm piano as she comes to terms with not always being okay. “The loneliness and the sadness in my heart” the artist sings on extravagant set in a colorful cinematic set of the video directed by Philipp Virus. Real Face is about accepting all emotions, represented by the singer in different costumes in the video, and allowing oneself the space to feel even though it can be painful. The song marks a departure from the Sofia Portanet sound we were used to, but it catapults the singer into the big league and will leave you humming the catchy chorus for the rest of the day. We’re very much looking forward to more from her in 2022.

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