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— Daily Tune 10/09/2019

Someone – ‘Playground Love’

We’re not really sure whether French electronic duo Air will ever release a studio album again (it’s been ten years so far) and the last time we spoke with them they weren’t really in a hurry. It’s a shame because every now and then you get reminded what great songs they’ve written in the past. And here to remind us is Amsterdam-based artist Tessa Rose Jackson aka Someone who you might remember from earlier this year. Way back in 2016 she recorded a bunch of her favourite Air tracks as a personal passion project and never planned to actually release them. Thank god, a few months ago she thought ‘What the heck’ and released this wonderful little EP called Airspace. Playgroud Love, famously taken from the 1999 movie The Virgin Suicides, is a prime example. Someone breaks the track down to its core, reduces the entire thing but keeps that floating hazy notion of the original. It’s a great take on a timeless classic, twenty years later and I can highly recommend the entire EP to all of you. And if you happen to be in Hamburg next week don’t forget to catch Tessa Rose Jackson live on stage during the infamous Dutch Impact Showcase because we definitely will.

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