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— Daily Tune 21/02/2018

Soror Dolorosa – ‘The End’

Despite the fact that Paris-based goth rockers Soror Dolorosa have been active since the early 00s and released a few albums in their home country already they somehow never made it onto my radar until right now. The End is a melodramatic piece of heavily old-fashioned coldwave/ post-punk and if you happen to love iconic 80s groups like Bauhaus, The Cure and Echo & The Bunnymen the nocturnal sound of the French five-piece will immediately find a spot in your (dark and frozen) heart. After all, Soror Dolorosa means ‘Sister Pain’ in English and that should tell enough. The hypnotic The End is taken from last year’s full-length Apollo which you can experience right here as well. And now, please follow me into the darkness with this one.

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