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— Daily Tune 25/01/2021

Swedish Wave Rockers Spunsugar Cast A Dark Spell On “(You Never) Turn Around”

Drive-Through Chapel, the 2020 debut album by Swedish three-piece Spunsugar was one of my personal album highlights of the year and I’m happy I didn’t overlook its dark and shimmering beauty. Now, the trio from Malmö makes a quick return with a equally beautiful new single. (You Never) Turn Around is a more flamboyant and silk continuation of the powerful post-punk-infected sound of the band’s album. It’s a bit more high gloss but the sort of gloss that shimmers best in a really dark room. Loves of catchy 80s new wave romantica sound like myself are destined to fall for the magic spell of the Spunsugar gang. It’s out now on Adrian Recordings and I will continue to keep these folks on my radar and so should you.

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