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— Daily Tune 03/02/2021

UK Indie Sensation Squid Tears Down All Boundaries On “Narrator”

I don’t know if there’s still such things like ‘the next big band’ or a hype in this accelerated day and age of if these terms were somehow left behind in the past century? But if these things still exist a band like Squid definitely fall into such categories. Their first singles were already quite interesting but this new one plays in entirely different league. It might start like a sparse and partly funky piece of old-fashioned indie rock that channels the sound of the mid-00s wave that my generation fell in love with. But then over the course of it’s over eight-minute long duration Narrator turns into something entirely different – a monster, larger than itself. While the initial drive of the beat keeps the groove alive the rest of it all heads for quite a different direction. Noisy, excessive and quite primal – this is quite an emotional ride. Especially guest singer Martha Skye Murphy adds a raw and more emotional note to the tune. It’s disturbing, it’s intense, it’s the perfect soundtrack for this time. Similar to bands like Black Midi or Black Country, New Road the lads from Squid are currently defining a more abstract idea of indie rock and therefore breath new life into this well-known formula. The band’s anticipated debut album Bright Green Field arrives on May 7 via Warp Records.

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