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— Daily Tune 15/02/2022

Tess Roby Makes A Magnificent Return With Cinematic “Ideas Of Space”

2018’s debut album Beacon by Canadian artist Tess Roby really was a hidden treasure that got way too overlooked and sometimes often reduced to the fact that it was released on the iconic Italians Do It Better label. Well, like many other artists over the past years she broke free from the apparent toxic work spirit of label boss Johnny Jewel (if you like to know more make sure to check that Pitchfork feature) and now returns with new music, new confidence and her own label, of course. Ideas Of Space continues the path of the debut but takes it to new sonic heights, creating a cinematic and hypnotizing atmosphere. “When I listen to it I imagine vast landscapes, a climb, a journey,” Roby explains and luckily the music video only underlines this by picking just the right images. There’s a beautiful intensity in all of this and it really shows all her artistic skills. The world needs to know Tess Roby way better and we’re all getting a new chance on April 22 when her sophomore album arrives which also goes by the same title as the single.

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