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— Daily Tune 07/11/2018

The Day – ‘Where The Wild Things Are’

German/Dutch two-piece The Day first gained our attention back in June with their gloomy yet catchy dream pop single Yet To Come. Now, Laura Loeters and Gregor Sonnenberg report back with an even catchier single called Where The Wild Things Are. The uplifting anthem is a call to adventure, inviting the listener to search for the extraordinary in everday life. The dreamy music video by Lumi Lausas underlines the slightly nostalgic notion of this 80s wave pop gem and it surely gets us excited for Midnight Parade, the duo’s debut album. It arrives on January 18 via Sinnbus and if the shimmering sweetness of The Day excites you as much as it does over here you should not forget to catch them on their upcoming tour earlier next year.

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