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— Daily Tune 15/06/2021

“Coming Home” By The Haunted Youth Is Life-Affirming Dream Pop For Hot Summer Days

Following the really sweet debut single Teen Rebel back in January Belgian dream pop project The Haunted Youth make clear that this wasn’t a lucky shot at all as they return with the even sweeter Coming Home these days. On it the project around songwriter Joachim Liebens unfolds a bittersweet yet uplifting piece of shoegaze-infected indie pop that works perfectly as a soundtrack for the impending hot summer season, for long days in the sunshine and hopefully even longer warm nights as we slowly reconnect with the people we haven’t seen in many months. Coming Home is one of those shimmering, timeless anthems that are fuelled by the energy and excitement of being alive and I don’t know about you but that’s the sound we could all use right now, don’t you agree? More music by The Haunted Youth is expected to arrive over the next months so make sure to have this exciting new group on your musical radar.

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