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— Daily Tune 13/01/2021

The Haunted Youth Spread Timeless Dreamy Indie Magic On “Teen Rebel”

Oh sweet, sweet adolescence – your naive magic never fails to amaze me even when you left me many years ago. Teen Rebel is a track that tries to capute the dreamy vibe of those younger days and of independent music heroes like DIIV, Slowdive, The Cure and others. So, the Belgian band around songwriter Joachim Liebens does anything but reinventing the wheel on their debut single but that doesn’t make the experience less wonderful and majestic, if you ask . It’s a timeless beauty that shines through the hazy guitars, shimmering synthesizers and delicate vocal performance. Timeless like those days when you were actually a rebellious yet insecure teenage. For those of you who still carry this attitude in their hearts and for those who simply enjoy a good indie tune this little gem by The Haunted Youth is directly dedicated to you. Let’s keep this band on our radar, shall we?

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