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— Daily Tune 30/05/2019

The Murder Capital – ‘Green & Blue’

There’s a restless tension that runs through the six minute-long Green & Blue by Irish newcomers The Murder Capital. It’s especially the length that makes the latest single by the five-piece from Dublin so tempting. They mix the desolation and anger of post-punk with Cure-esque epicness and a structural detachment that might remind you of post-rock but offers so much more. It’s quite an impact these guys make here, after already delivering a furious debut single with Feeling Fades. The music video for Green & Blue also helps to support that oppressive feeling and it really makes me very excited about their debut album When I Have Fears which arrives on August 16 via Human Seaon Records. It was produced by Flood, an expert on that field (having worked with Foals, Nick Cave and Depeche Mode before), so you can all join me on that gritty hype train right now.

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