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— Daily Tune 28/01/2021

Torp’s “Clear Your Mind” Is A Refreshing Folk-Pop Delight

There are songs that are just bound to hit hardest at a specific point in time, and Torp‘s Clear Your Mind is certainly one of those, heading down with striking delicacy into our January cold. Once the acoustic guitars slowly sink in and the frail voice of Swiss componist and songwriter Frieder Torp echoes all across the song’s visual scenery of a wintery sunrise in the midst of the woods, one can hardly turn away from the magical potential of this acoustic gem. “Clear Your Mind is a song for a loved one”, the songwriter remarks. “I wanted to write the lyrics from two points of view, my dying mother’s and my own. It was a supernatural and profound experience that I was able to process in this song”. Aching with sentimental substance and equipped with folk-adorned melodic passion, this is a tune you should not miss out on. Check this one out right here, along with a stunning one-take video, produced by Swiss Minnow Sessions collective.

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