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— Daily Tune 08/10/2021

Tusks Returns With Gloomy And Cinematic New Piece “Fall In To You”

British songwriter Emily Underhi aka Tusks isn’t entirely new to the NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION cosmos. Following two great albums – 2017’s Dissolve and Avalanche from 2019 – we really fell in love with her beautiful and gloomy sound so consider us all hyped up now that she’s back with new music. Fall In To You continues Tusks‘ path into the twilight zone but sees Underhi venturing into even more cinematic territory as she slowly builds up the song over the course of five minutes, constantly grabbing the attention of the listener. It’s also a direct result of new musical skills she learned during the lockdown. She explains: “I’d bought a Moog Grandmother during lockdown and initially was using the song as a learning process for how to patch and play it. After that start, the song just sort of fell together, with the arpeggiator sample and the pushing bassline being the initial structure and all the other sounds and instruments being created around them. It ended up turning it into a really raw and honest love song with the lyrics talking about going through hard patches in a relationship and being confused and pulled in different directions, but then after every hard phase that you experience, you learn more about love and how to love and your love for the other person just continuously deepens and becomes more real.” More Tusks material arrives in a few weeks as she’s dropping a new EP called Change on November 5

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