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— Daily Tune 18/01/2019

Westkust – ‘Swebeach’

Honestly, I kind of thought Westkust had left the stage. It had been dead radio silence for the Gothenburg band, who made waves in 2015 with their debut album Last Forever, for a number of years, but after then last week a new, rejigged-membership version of the group exploded back into view with a new single, Swebeach. And what a fucking comeback it is. Swebeach is shoegaze direct-injected with rocket fuel, a great wall of scorching, abrasive guitar sound cut through with Julia Bjernelind’s vocal, melody that stands its ground through the musical storm. It and the band’s return are one of the highlights of the young year, and they’ve got a new album on the way too, so keep an eye out for that.

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