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— Daily Tune 01/03/2022

Will Samson Makes A Tender Return With Meditative Single “Arpy”

Ambient/ folk artist Will Samson has been dropping constantly great releases throughout the past 10 years since his 2012 debut Balance and his upcoming new album Active Imagination is no difference here. The follow-up to 2019’s Paralanguage is lead by a gentle first single called Arpy that works as a great reminder of Samson’s tender songwriting and his ability to create a maximum of emotional atmosphere with a minimal set-up. It’s a meditative journey that invites the listener to dive deeper into his musical microcosm and for us it’s also a great reminder for the guest article he once wrote for us about the power of meditation as a fitting tool to deal with the chaos of today. Active Imagination is set to arrive on May 6 via Human Chorus, so you’d better keep this date marked in your calenders.

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