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— Daily Tune 20/04/2020

Wilma Nea Sways Smoothly On Her Soulful Single “That Rain”

So what if you took bedroom pop and gave it a more luxurious upholstering? That Rain, the new single from Swedish artist Wilma Nea, almost sounds like something worked out on that basis, taking bedroom pop’s easy charm and blurry emotional intimacy and upgrading it with finer, fancier instrumentation and stronger vocals. In the end, we’re left with a song that could be a lot of things, a little bit noir, and little bit jazz, but is mostly just a piece of music that never has to work hard to sound good. Over a finely-detailed musical backdrop of smooth, swaying chamber-pop, she takes the stage and makes it hers, gently sculpting the song’s mood from soft and delicate in the verses to towering in the chorus. She says: “That Rain is about not finding the energy to do stuff. When I was younger I would stress about it and hope for rain so it could somehow justify me staying home”. Well, now we call get to stay home, so hopefully That Rain can be a pleasant distraction.

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