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— Daily Tune 17/09/2018

WWWater – ‘Screen’

Come on, be honest: How often have you looked on your phone already today? Damn, you’re probably reading this on a mobile divorce, aren’t you? It’s kind of weird how screens became objects of desire in our modern society, forcing us to constantly look at them and often define our personality through its offerings. ‘It’s like all those social media have become a barometer for human value,’ explains Charlotte Adigéry aka WWWater. But of course she’s quite aware of the fact that she’s addicted as well and her new single Screen deals with exactly that issue. It’s a pumping and rough piece of contemporary R&B with a certain DIY/punk spirit. Adigéry started her musical career in the background band of Belgian electro/rock icons Soulwax and that probably helped to shape her genre-bending sound. Screen is definitely an impressive pop tornado. WWWater will also perform at this week’s INTRODUCING Events in Hamburg and Berlin, presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

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