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— Daily Tune 24/11/2020

Danish Noise Rockers Yung Are Ready For More On The Dazzling “Above Water”

Following the highly addictive New Fast Song from September promising Danish noise rock prodigies Yung are now back with another magnificent piece of music and even better – they have an entire album on the horizon. Above Water is a dazzling first teaser from it, a hypnotizing piece of noisy indie-rock that comes with a certain drive, edginess but also a surprisingly psychedelic outro. According to the band they referred to this song as ‘The Yo La Tengo Song’ for a longtime and lovers of the iconic rock outfit might know what they mean. Ongoing Dispute is the name of the second Yung album which arrives on January 22 via beloved Swedish label PNKSLM Recordings, five years after their debut album A Youthful Dream. The four-piece took their time and judging from Above Water all fans of mesmerizing guitar music are in for a treat with this one.

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