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— Daily Tune 23/11/2020

ZUSTRA Unveils Widescreen Pop Bliss On “The Dream Of Reason”

Croatian German singer/songwriter ZUSTRA and her ambitious cinematic dream pop first caught our attention back in 2019 when the mighty Oh No managed to warm our hearts. Over the past year the Berlin-based musician continued to walk her path which will ultimately lead to her debut album in 2021 and hopefully international recognition becuase a song like The Dream Of Reason surely deserves that. Her latest single is an existential reflection, slowly building up on a dreamy piano sequence before turning into the widescreen sound that suits ZUSTRA pretty well once again. The Dream Of Reason is a loud call for sanity and purity and the music video underlines that longing for reconnection with nature. It’s a song about the transience of all things, but in a very uplifting and hopeful way and if we need one vibe at the end of this wild ride that 2020 was, it is definitely this one, right?

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