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— Daily Tune 11/12/2020

Arsun Mediates On The Time Between Night And Day On “Bleed in Vain”

New Yorker singer and songwriter Arsun is following in the footsteps of the greats. The sleepy guitar strokes and moody vocals on the folk ballad Bleed In Vain draw analogies to Bob Dylan and Co.. “It’s supposed to feel like the time between late night and early morning,” the singer says about the single. The artist, who also works as a model and actor, walks in the footsteps so effortlessly that it is almost surprising that the song was not recorded decades ago. The utter melancholia of the song is not only radiated by the pained vocals of the singer but also by the lyrics and the bendy cries of a pedal steel. Arsun has the songwriting craft and skill of someone who has been doing this for years and we are excited to see what other musical delights the artist will cook up the next year.

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