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— Daily Tune 05/03/2018

Attic Giant – ‘light=whatwesee’

Last May NBHAP helped to introduce Austrian singer/songwriter Daniel Tischler and his musical alter ego Attic Giant to the world by debuting his first piece of music. Now, we’re more than happy to see him return and most of it – to see the little project constantly grow into a full band effort, as it appears. Despite that change, his latest release called light=whatwesee is keeping the melancholic and reduced vibe of those first releases, delivering a constant quality and not an out-of-the-sudden orchtestral turn towards pop. Labelled as an EP the two songs are basically working really great as one big piece, carried by the tender voices of Tischler and multi-instrumentalist Natasja Ronck. In it the musicians work their way through some quite existential themes like time, memory and death which only underlines the subtle yet ambitious character of these two pieces. Once again produced by fellow Austrian colleague Inner Tongue these two songs definitely keep us excited about more magical moments from the Attic Giant camp.

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