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— Daily Tune 25/06/2020

Bab L’Bluz Celebrate North African Blues With ‘Ila Mata’

Bab L’Bluz are a Moroccan/French quartet of musicians devoted to the North African Blues tradition. Fusing elements from the traditional Islamic rooted Gnawa music, like the iconic three-stringed instrument, the Guembri, the band merge heritage with contemporary influences and production styles. Ila Mata kicks off with a bluesy finger picking, accompanied by percussion and the powerful vocal range of lead singer Yousra Mansour. She sings in Moroccan-Arabic darija dialect throughout the band’s debut album Nayda!, which you should definitely give a spin! Its funk, blues, psychedelic, and Gnawa influences are a glistening example of the cultural melting pot and meeting point that music is.

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