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— Daily Tune 17/04/2019

Black Midi – ‘Crow’s Perch’

Be honest to yourself – it’s been a while since you listened to a rock band and thought ‘What the fuck was that?’. After over fifty years of various forms and tricks rock and roll is often forced to reference itself in order to create something that appears to be fresh and new. So, of course, Black Midi are not reinventing the wheel either but nevertheless there’s something really breathtaking about their sound. It’s the furious and fearless chaos they unfold, especially live on stage like we already witnessed back in September. I’m not really sure how to label their latest single Crow’s Perch. It’s a jazz-infected math-rock jazz monster that’s bursting with energy and a certain rawness that can’t be contained and doesn’t want to be. It’s not an easy tune but a challenging experience and it’s that chaotic madness that make Black Midi one of 2019’s most fascinating bands. They don’t like Social Media presence that much (which is another plus) but they freshly signed to Rough Trade Records and will hopefully play in a city near you this year (they are already booked for Haldern Pop Festival) and you should really go and see them if they happen to stop by.

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