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— Daily Tune 21/04/2020

Black Sea Dahu bring back love, peace & music with a haunting cover of ‘Guinevere’

Hitting it big in their Swiss home country and in Europe last year (read our November 2019 interview right here), the indie-folk project Black Sea Dahu have an astonishing talent for creating warm sound textures that will easily give you the chills. Their latest release is a smooth and yet captivating cover of folk legends Crosby, Stills and Nash from 1969 and follows their contribution to a documentary celebrating 50 years of Woodstock for the German TV station 3Sat last year. Choosing this particular song, the band reaches out to one their stylistic and sonic forerunners. The interpretation hits the mood of the tune right on the head and is just captivating to the core. Worthy to its original model in a number of ways, the vocal performance of Janine Cathrein and the acoustic instrumentation make this one a wonderful moment in time. Listen to the piece right here.

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