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— Daily Tune 16/12/2021

Things Might ‘Be Alright’ Eventually And BRTHR Got The Right Song For That Spirit

Honestly, how low are your personal optimism batteries running these days? It’s kind of hard to keep the faith in times like these but thank god we still got a band like BRTHR who long to keep the spirits high with their warm and optimistic Americana folk. The two German songwriters aren’t entirely new to the NBHAP cosmos. We first introduced them back in 2018 and they’ve been quite active ever since then. Following last year’s sweet album High Times For Loners they are now readying a follow-up EP called Be Alright and the title-track delivers just the warm and soul-soothing sweetness we’ve come to love from Philipp Eissler and Joscha Brettschneider. It’s a relaxing and soft anthem against the world’s despair and especially the brass section that now entered the BRTHR cosmos gives the entire song a hopeful twist. Is everything going to be alright in 2022? Probably not, but at least we’re getting their new EP on February 25 which is something to look forward to.

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