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— Daily Tune 28/06/2018

Fins – ‘Work Your Magic’

German soul pop sweetheart FINS first landed on our radar in late 2014 with the still quite catchy 80s-infected Out Of Sight. Following a really sweet debut album called Dreamer in early 2016 he now finally returns with a follow up. And with a record that got such a charming title like How Will Our Hero Get Out Of This One? you surely didn’t expect sinister and nihilistic musical content, right? Andi Fins embraces the positive aspects of life and the album’s first single Work Your Magic is a fitting example for that spirit. ‘Save me from your sparkling eyes I stayed out late at night’ he starts this uplifting soul pop gem while riding on a smooth wave of retro-inspired sounds. The video takes us to the zoo while Fins is making an important telephone call. Well, we shouldn’t take it too seriously anyway, right? Instead we should greet the world with a bit fat smile and this is the song to accomplish that. The album is out tomorrow, on June 29.

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