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— Daily Tune 14/09/2021

Francis Of Delirium Unleashes Raw Grunge Vibe On “Come Out And Play”

Don’t you love clowns… well, just kidding. They’re scary as hell and I think various horror films over the past decades didn’t help to break the stigma. Their is a certain anxiety and a nightmarish quality that comes with them – and songwriter Jana Bahrich delivers the perfect track for it in the form of a brand new single of her project Francis Of Delirium. Of course, dedicated followers of this blog are aware of the band by now – we featured them a few times, interviewd Bahrich earlier this year and named her one of the best new artists to watch in 2021. Well, and so far she doesn’t disappoint at all. Come Out And Play follows the great Wading EP from earlier this year and in the press release Bahrich explains the whole clown-theme a bit more: “I watched Felini’s ‘8 ½’ and the closing scene where a procession of clowns play in a band stuck with me. I had them in my mind for months, thinking about the way they hid behind painted faces, keeping so much hidden from the audience, and also just how sad they seemed. I wanted this song to feel dark and to have an eeriness that would make sense in the background of some weird art movie about funhouses and carnivals.” Well, mission accomplished I would say. We can’t wait to witness the furious grunge energy of Francis Of Delirium live on an actual stage over the next months. It’s an overdue experience.

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