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— Daily Tune 13/09/2021

Brighton-based Quartett ĠENN Release A Riotous Wakeup Call With “Catalyst”

The black and white video of a ball rolling down the street to the latest single release by the Brighton-based outfit ĠENN has something undeniably grungy to it. Lifted off their EP Liminal, the track, not quite noise and not quite punk rock, flirts with different genres.  “Gotta wake up”, vocalist Leona Farrugia growls over a steady background instrumentation. Musically and lyrically Catalyst is a wakeup call. The singer says, “Lyrically the track could be interpreted as a cry for collective change, but I had, in fact, began writing from my own perspective, realising the ‘revolution’ one can make within their own approach to everyday life”. The free and untamed energy of ĠENN echoes in the band name, which is the Maltese word for “Frenzy”. And after Catalyst we are quite excited to see what musical frenzy the quartet will unleash next.

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