— Daily Tune 28/10/2020

Girlhood Celebrate Femaleness On Soulful “It Might Take A Woman”

There were multiple times in the past years when I thought “It might take a woman to fix this sh*t” and London-based duo Girlhood definitely agrees with me. Recently Tessa Cavanna and Christian Pinchbeck released their joyful self-titled debut album and their single It Might Take A Woman is a prime example of the positive and soul-infected pop spirit that you can experience on the record. It celebrates female empowerment with a certain amount of light-hearted implicitness. Singer Cavana on the song’s notion: “The older I get the more I realise that we should be embracing and giving agency to our femaleness. I guess that was what was going through my mind when we were creating this track.” This is a much needed burst of positivity in times of uncertainty and it might really take Girlhood today to make a difference in your life.