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— Daily Tune 15/09/2020

I See Rivers Channel Ernest Hemingway on “Dying Moon”

I See Rivers are back with another single Dying Moon leading up to their debut LP Deep & Rolling Green which finally arrives on October the 2nd. Dying Moon was written on a cold and windy evening in Tenby a few years ago and was heavily influenced by Ernst Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and the Sea’. The song is about devoting your whole soul and all your effort into someone or something, and only realising you’ve gone too far when it’s already too late,“ the band says about the single. Once again, it is the harmonies of the three singers which make the release unique. Almost as if connected by family bond the three voices move in unity – separate in pitches just to find back together. Moving between Wales and Norway, I See Rivers have turned the rough but beautiful coastline into music, their vocals like ocean mist on your face when you stand too close to the shore.

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