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— Daily Tune 20/02/2019

Janus Rasmussen – ‘Green Wine’

Although his upcoming album Vín will be his so debut Janus Rasmussen is anything but a newcomer. After years in the Faroese pop quartet Bloodgroup you might mostly known him for teaming up with neo-classic mastermind Ólafur Arnalds to form Kiasmos a few years ago. Now, he’s finally starting his own journey and the chilled Green Wine is a perfect example of what to expect from the record. Complex, yet very playful and soulful electronic vibes dominate the track. ‘Sometimes, once in a while, everything just clicks when writing music,’ explains Rasmussen and Green Wine was one of those tracks. He continues: ‘Not much more than one full day in the studio and the track was done. It’s one of the reasons why the song is very dear to me now, that reminder, that sometimes the universe wants to create something out of nothing, whether you like it or not.’ It also comes with a wonderful animated music videos that tells the legend of Kópakonan (aka the ‘Seal Woman’) which is one of the best-known folktales in the Faroe Islands. The album Vín arrives on March 8 via Christian Löffler‘s label KI Records.

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