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— Daily Tune 02/10/2019

Just Mustard – ‘Seven’

Two weeks ago Irish five-piece Just Mustard blew us away at Reeperbahn Festival with their mesmerizing mixture of gloomy doom rock and floating shoegaze, making us wonder whether somebody already came up with the label ‘Doomgaze’ for these guys? It’s not a total surprise as we already loved their song October a few months ago. Their latest single Seven follows a similar formula – making noise rock sound pretty hypnotizing. It’s the sort of music you want to lose yourself into, like Esben And The Witch and Slowdive having a love child. In a sea of gritty rock singer Katie Ball works like a torchlight that guides us through the darkness and into a hopefull future. There is a restless intensity that is sensible in the music of Just Mustard and that’s what makes them a really promising band for our personal music radar in 2020.

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