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— Daily Tune 11/11/2021

Leif Erikson Return With A Highly Emotional Mood-Lifter ‘Waiting For A Brighter Day’

A couple of years ago London-based Leif Erikson emerged in the indie-rock scene with honest and stunning tracks like Matter and Question Time and a really sweet debut EP in the form of 21 Grams. After remaining silent for the past two years they are finally returning. And what a stunning piece of music their comeback single Waiting For A Brighter Day is! It became a emotionally, string-drenched big rock ballad, carried by a huge chorus and an anthem-like attitude a band like Oasis would have killed for in the 90s. And of course, the message of the song triggers something in us after almost two years of living in a pandemic reality. “I think we were all waiting for a brighter day and perhaps we still are considering all the problems we face as human beings,” explains band leader Sam Johnston the notion of this track. “Personally this song has become a bit of a motto for me. Everyone can relate to feeling like the world is against them but in those moments it is important to remember that better times are round the corner. I will always be able to sing this song with truth and feeling.” Amen to that, Sam. Leif Erikson are back on the menu and if you’re not falling for their magic spell right now then you might consider a doctor’s appointment, right?