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— Daily Tune 01/04/2021

Liesl’s “Skeleton Song” is A Hauntingly Beautiful Meditation on Nocturnal Melancholy

The gloomy string section and the undefinable rattles in the background set the mood for the cinematic Skeleton Song. Released as part of the Berlin-based artist, Liesl’s debut EP Unfamiliar, the song reflects the eerie beauty of moonlit nights. Liesl observes details about her surroundings, the “scales shedding on the bedsheets”, the “moonshine in the overcast sky” and captures universal aches and emotions of loneliness and melancholy through a personal lens. While the dynamic soundscape is a refined arrangement of melodic elements itself, the vocals of the singer are arresting. Shifting from whispers to soaring verses, like gusts of wind, Liesl sings with a gentle urgency that will make you shiver. Skeleton Song, like the entire EP Unfamiliar, unveil Liesl as a musician with an artistic vision that we are excited to see and hear more of soon!

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