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— Daily Tune 02/09/2019

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys – ‘Digging A Hole’

Welcome to the return of our beloved Daily Tune section, following a short summer break over the past four weeks. To make the return (and this Monday) a bit less stressful we picked the calmest possible song to make your Monday better. Digging A Hole is a haunting piece of reduced tenderness, delivered by South African songwriter Lucky Kruger. It’s a mesmerizing show stopper, almost five minutes of a meditative dreamscape that invites you to sink deeper and deeper into its nocturnal notion with every second. Like, well… digging a hole. The clip was shot in 2018 when the artist moved to Berlin. The displacement of moving to a new country and trying to find a way to belong and get lost seems very fitting to the subject matter of the song. If you are into the wonderful sort of sound that Lucky Kruger & The Lost Boys deliver and want more this month is a your lucky month because a full-length album called Sleeping Tapes For Some Girls is set to be released on September 27 via Unique Records.

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