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— Daily Tune 05/10/2020

lùisa Explores The Essence Of Humanity In “Deep Sea State of Mind”

After a longer break (we last featured her five years ago) German songwriter lùisa returns with new music – and what a stunning comeback it is. Deep Sea State of Mind is majestic piece of dream pop, riding on a playful piano melody and it sees the artist longing for something pure in an age where most of us have forgotten what that feels like. “Every day we are flooded with images and expectations,” lùisa explains the track’s roots. “W are told to optimize and deliver constant output. Sometimes everything feels too much, too bright, too loud, we lose the connection to what is really important. Then our mind searches for deeper answers, and we need the space in which we see our own vulnerability and sadness not as weakness but as our human depth.” So, what it’s like to be truly human again? Quite an existential question for Monday morning, I know, but maybe the hypnotic vibe of this song might offer a fitting opportunity to explore it for you.

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