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— Daily Tune 25/10/2021

‘Maelstrom’ By Dublin Five-Piece Melts Is A Furious Post-Punk Monster

The colossal post punk energy of Dublin’s Melts was already acknowledged by Fontaines D.C. and other blogs that are way cooler than us so it feels like the right time to jump on board of this ride. Maelstrom is the group’s first single in two years and it’s a mighty, hypnotizing mixture of noise, energy and melody. Girl Band’s Daniel Fox produced the single so that might gave it an extra dose of gritty bliss. “‘Maelstrom’ is about a storm that sweeps through a town or a world one day and causes an irreversible change to the order of things,” explains frontman Eoin Kenny. “The song is also written from the point of view of someone caught in currents, beyond their own making and understanding and the frustrations felt by someone who feels powerless against the effects of the upheaval.” More Melts material will hopefully arrive in the not so distant future.

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