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— Daily Tune 03/12/2020

MorMor Turns Anxiety And Gloom of Modern Life into the Edgy “Don’t Cry”

Canadian producer and musician MorMor (Seth Nyquist) is back with his first release in 2020. He popped up in 2018 with his EP Heaven’s Only Wishful. Don’t Cry follows the edgy soundscapes but creates a darker dystopian vibe. Highlighted by the accompanying music video in which the protagonist seems stuck in an endless claustrophobic loop, the song is a comment on current developments. As a songwriter MorMor processes contemporary going-ons in his work but this year of course hit differently. Trying to cope with the pandemic, the lockdown, and the following political and social upheaval, Don’t Cry is a reflection of the anxiety and gloom which seems to have overcome the world. “Tears have fallen”, the singer says, “and we can no longer pretend that we’re not all in this together”.

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