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— Daily Tune 24/01/2022

Unleash Your Innner Wolf With Róka’s Powerful New Single

German songwriter róka surely takes her time when it comes to music releases. Following her really sweet singles Overgrown in 2019 and Bones in 2020 it took a bit longer for a follow-up but luckily it’s out now and a really sweet continuation of her previously outplayed strengths. On The Wolf she mixes gentle folk-infuesed songwriting with experimental electronic beats while her tender vocal performance guides the listener through this little alternative pop gem. Naturally, the the song deals with the emotional turmoil of the past months as it is dedicated to all the souls going through dark times or depression. róka says: “It’s a reminder that under all those layers of sadness there’s a radiant core full of love and strength – a powerful inner wolf!” So, what are you waiting for? Howl against the despair and turn up the volume for this great new tune.

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