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— Daily Tune 08/01/2018

Rosemary & Garlic – ‘I’m Here (Spring Version)’

Close your eyes, don’t think of the harsh Middle-european winter right now and dream yourself away to better times. All you need for this musical flash forward to the warm days of spring are the tender two and a half minutes provided by Dutch dream folk two-piece Rosemary & Garlic. The two musicians who go by the names Anne van den Hoogen and Dolf Smolenaers just released a fittingly titled ‘Spring Version’ of their song I’m Here which is taken from their self-titled album that arrives this Friday. The images of the video also help to carry the hopeful and gentle atmosphere of the song and it’s the perfect little piece of video art to soundtrack my escapsim wishes right now on this cold Monday in January. Feel happily invited to fall in love as well.

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