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— Daily Tune 02/03/2020

RVG – ‘I Used To Love You’

I first got introduced to Melbourne-based outfit RVG in early 2018 when they supported British ruffians Shame and were equally good as the main act. Especially the stage presence of leading lady Romy Vager made quite an impression back then and their debut album A Quality Of Mercy underlined that. Following last year’s really good first single Alexandra, the follow-up Feral is finally on its way for a release this spring. I Used To Love You is another haunting teaser from it, an intense anthem about a fading emotional connection. It’s a song packed with sadness but also a lot of energy and Mrs. Vager’s vocal performance – which still resembles Patti Smith and Chrissie Hynde a lot plays a crucial part in delivering the track’s emotional core. It’s pure, it’s rare, it’s magnificent and I can’t wait for RVG to attract a bigger audience with this forthcoming full-length. Feral arrives on April 24 via Fire Records.

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