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— Daily Tune 15/01/2019

SASAMI – ‘Jealousy’

Okay, we are already on board of the SASAMI hype train and named her one of our favourite nine newcomers to watch in 2019. And it looks like her first musical output wasn’t a lucky shot at all as the charismatic Californian artist now returns with another fine tune. Jealousy is a slightly pschedelic and sinister teaser from her self-titled debut album that arrives on March 8 via Domino Records. And the weird music video definitely underlines the charming craziness we already noticed in SASAMI. The clip was inspired by the scene ‘Bruce Vs Chocolate cake’ from the 1996 film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Matilda and the artist describes the track with the following words: ‘I wanted it to be kind of like a filmed version of a weird play. I am a witch creature and my sidekick, Gobby, and I dance in our painted backdrop lair and plot mischief. Luckily our havoc bears liberating ends as the bewitched are released of their socially-expected, self-imposed obsessions and rituals. I wanted to make something grotesque and creepy and funny of course.’ Enough said? Well, yes, probably. Hope you enjoy your daily dose of weirdness.

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