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— Daily Tune 18/01/2018

somme partel – ‘The Plateau’

Ever since their impressive performance at c/o pop Festival last year, somme partel have been on our list of bands to watch. Yet still, their last release from November, a thirty-four-minute record titled Island, eluded our ear somehow. Its longest song The Plateau has now been given a visual representation via infrared footage of the band playing and enjoying life. Evoking the spirit of a young Radiohead circa 1993 minus its grungey undertones, Daniel Larsen croons over a subtle, but swiftly driving backbeat. The languid textures around him paint a dreamy, casual imagery until the song drastically changes tempo and character for the last third of its runtime: the band breaks into an aggressive groove, with Larsen’s distorted voice circling around guitars that are just as frantic. Island is out now via NCR Records, while their proper full-length album is set to come out in March.

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